In the world of e-commerce, one thing is certain: You need to make your products available where your customers are. For most retailers that means utilizing multiple sales channels, and there’s no doubt that Shopify and Amazon are two of the most prominent platforms in the e-commerce universe. Integrating them may just be the strategic … Read more

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for tracking and analyzing website traffic, but it’s important to be aware that the data it provides is not always reliable. There are several factors that can impact the accuracy of Google Analytics data, including cookie blocking and changes to iOS that block tracking information. One major factor that … Read more

CloudFlare is what is known as Content Delivery Network – or CDN for short. So what is a CDN? At the core it’s a copy of your website deployed to many servers around the world. But CloudFlare does other things than just deliver copies of your network. It also provides protection against various forms of … Read more

Do you know how fast your website loads? Does it matter? More than you think. Try to go to – see how fast it loads. Despite having thousands and thousands (millions by now?) of products, their website loads very fast. Does your site load as fast? It should, and it can. Especially if you … Read more

We all want Google and other search engines to index out sites but there are also bad robots around, which you have absolutely no use of visiting your site. Recently on one of our sites we had the issue that the server periodically was massively overloaded, and the website slowed to a crawl. The server … Read more

So you want to open an ecommerce website? The next question is – where do you do that? The two biggest platforms are Shopify and WordPress (with WooCommerce). But what is the difference? Is one more expensive than the other? There are some major differences between how the platforms work. Shopify is a dedicated ecommerce … Read more

Out of the box, WordPress comes with a couple of predesigned themes, which nobody with any self respect uses. Sorry for being blunt. To make a nice website, you need more than that. You can go and buy some very nice themes, which good. These can be pretty cheap, and you can be up and … Read more

The old adage of “real men don’t backup” is long gone, and really should have been “stupid people don’t backup”. It is stupid to not have multiple offsite backups of your website, particularly if you make money on it. You need not just multiple backups, you also need to actually TEST how to restore everything … Read more