We can convert your idea into a website.

When developing websites we use WordPress or Shopify. WordPress is a very flexible Content Management System suitable for everything from a small blog or business to a large ecommerce platform, and Shopify is one of the worlds largest ecommerce specific platforms.

To keep cost down, we often modify existing themes on Shopify, or use a builder such as Elementor on WordPress. We see no reason to reinvent the wheel at your expense.

We always have cost in mind.

what can we help you with?

  • Design and layout
  • WordPress websites
  • Shopify websites
  • Custom coding as needed


Do you have a product or service you want to sell? Then you need an ecommerce website.

We build ecommerce websites in either Shopify or WooCommerce. Shopify is a ecommerce specific platform, and WooCommerce is an ecommerce addon to WordPress.

It depends on the job at hand, and what your needs are with respect to Subscriptions, integration with external systems (for example Quickbooks or Amazon Warehousing), and other specific requirements.

what can we help you with?

  • Shopify webshop
  • WooCommerce webshop
  • Implementing recurring payments (subscriptions)
  • Integration with external systems


If your website takes 2 seconds or more to load, you lose money. In our instant-world people do not have the patience for slow sites.

One of our goals when developing a site is that it must load as fast as possible.

This means deploying what is called Content Delivery Networks and Caching modules. While it may sound expensive, it’s really not. The cheapest tier is free (yes, really).

what can we do for you?

  • Analyze (and troubleshoot) performance
  • Optimize website load time
  • Install cache-modules
  • Deploy Content Delivery Networks

hosting + security

A part of our service is to host your website. If you are building a website with WordPress, you need a proper hosting provider to house your website in order to maintain the speed and integrity. This includes setting up security measures to protect your website.

We use the Amazon Cloud (AWS) platform as the backbone in our hosting service. It allows us to deploy websites all around the world very easily.

We can offer everything from a small platform for a small shop, or a large multi-system platform for a large ecommerce website. As we’re on the Amazon platform, we can scale your site up and down in a matter of minutes if needed, and the cost is very competitive.

what do we offer?

  • Hosting your website at locations across the world
  • Configure security and firewalls
  • Small and large installations
  • Deployment on the Amazon AWS platform


Deploying and hosting your website is only part of the story.

Once you’re live, our maintenance plans ensure that your site is always up-to-date, and we monitor the performance to make sure there are no problems.

We also schedule backups at multiple levels, and should an unlikely disaster occur, we can quickly take action and recover your site.

Mistakes and accidents happen – are you prepared

what can we do for you?

  • Keep your website up to date
  • Make sure nothing breaks before updating
  • Monitor performance
  • Schedule backups and restore if needed

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